April 15, 2013

Reflect on your groups creative process so far in your class blog. Name two big milestones that you have accomplished, and name two hurdles that you anticipate reaching soon. Please detail the ways that the digital tools we have been using in class contribute to your group’s creative process. 300 words.


Yesterday, our group met with Tom, a current Rutgers graduate student who lives with a spinal cord injury. Tom was an engineering major before his accident and was so inspired by the work  of the doctors who helped him recover, he decided to go to medical school.

1. One of the great things about working with Tom is that he was never dull. He spoke of his injury as if it was some sort of blessing- a closer step for him to help people. It is so inspiring to hear someone talk of the mundane, every day life that most of us take for granted- as something special that needs to be lived every single day. He has the most positive look out of anyone I’ve ever met. He was not reluctant to being filmed, and actually clearly articulated what he was going to say on camera! We feel so lucky to be able to work with him. 

2. Another milestone we’ve come across while interviewing Tom was that we were able to organize our final product better. In other words, we were able to see more clearly the vision that we have for this video we want to make. Now, we’re able to storyboard on our Google drive in order to parse out what we don’t need and footage that needs to be edited and fitted into the final project.

A problem that occurred while we were filming Tom was that we were so hesitant to film inside because it was a beautiful spring afternoon. We interviewed Tom outside and it grew quite windy. Although we could clearly hear what he was saying, it came up on the camera not so good. The problem that we ran into was the fact that we weren’t using a boom mic to pick up the sound correctly. What we plan to do is edit the audio of the clips before we put all the footage together. In class, we’ve discussed techniques for using Audacity on windows to remove background noise from the footage. 


Using Creative Commons

April 14, 2013

For our final project, our team is interviewing a spinal cord injury patient named Tom. Our goal of the project is to show to the viewers how Tom lives on a daily basis so that others’ who have a spinal cord injury or know someone that does can see how Tom lives post injury. Tom was an avid skiier which unfortunately resulted in his injury. Now he uses what is called a “monoski” which is one of the pictures I’ve chosen on Creative Commons. It shows that although Tom’s life has changed, he can still ski.


I also found an upbeat acoustic sound on Soundcloud which I think is appropriate for our project. It’s not not a soft slow song, but has an upbeat swing to it. After we film Tom, I think this song will be a good opening and closing song, there are no lyrics.

I found a video on Youtube about the Paralympics, which is a subset of olympic games for people who have suffered from various types of spinal cord injuries. This video takes a new perspective on competing sports. Although a lot of people with spinal cord injuries do not compete, I think it is inspirational. Even though these athletes take to sports for exercise, exercise is an important part of living post injury. Even if if it not cross training exercises  there are still options for people like Tom to play a sport.


Personal Thoughts on Creative Direction

April 8, 2013

Today, we decided which direction we want our final project to go in. Although the subject at hand is spinal cord injuries, which can seem sad, we have decided to set up a meeting with someone who suffers from a spinal cord injury. We want this video to be informational for those who do suffer from spinal cord injury as well as trying to raise awareness. The audience intended to see this video is those who have a spinal cord injury as well as family members of the injured. We intend to interview Rutgers students around College Avenue campus in New Brunswick asking them if they know anything about spinal cord injuries to reflect that not that many people know what it entails. I am guessing the connection that people make to spinal cord injuries is to Christopher Reeve, which is good because we are creating the video for the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Moving away from the interview of random students, we plan to have our interviewee Tom, who suffers from a spinal cord injury, talk about his illness, his daily life, and any suggestions he has to help with any daily activities for the injured. We want to make the tone of this project hopeful and informational.


My Top 5 Blog

April 7, 2013

1. Alexandra


I really liked this blog, not because it is about food, but the layout and the overall theme appeals to me. I enjoyed the video “Philosophy of Eating” because not only do we get to hear Alexandra’s voice so that we can identify it with her blog, but also because her voice projects and she sounds experiences and most importantly, passionate. I love the quotes that she included because I thought that was a great way to appeal to her audience because if someone famous said it, it sounds more true right? Great job, Alexandra.

2. Erica


I really liked the idea that Erica proposes here, that juicing and putting better ingridients into your body contributes to well-being. I actually am an avid juicer, I try to juice 5 mornings out of the week. I also enjoy this blog because although juicing can be seen as “hardcore”, it is an easy way to get all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs on a daily basis. I think Erica gives the blog a very personalable feel, because of her word choice in her podcast as well as the “cleanness”(white background, simple font) of the blog.  I think she did a great job on her audio clip because I listened to it a few times and it got me thinking about juicing!

3. Ali


I liked this blog because it is different than the other blogs in the class. It’s a music blog, but for classical and jazz generes. I am a fan of this type of music because I like taking journeys into the past through music and movies. The video component was a creative way to pull her theme together, although it wasn’t fully loading on my computer, I thought it was a great idea to pull movies and music from the same generation into one clip. I also love seeing the pictures Ali posted of all the great stars of that time- Dean Martin, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, etc.

4. Christine Collins

I think Christine did a good job on her blog because I can sense her passion for journalism and writer. She has a great radio voice in her audio component on the radio show! Her header picture is inspirational in a way and I think it speaks a lot about her as a person, although I don’t know her well. It is important for the viewer to idenfity with the person who is creating the blog and posting content because once they feel as if they know you, they come back to read more. You can tell she put thought into the layout and the word choices when you read her about me section. Great job Christine!

5. Zach


I like Zach’s blog because it is very personalized. I am a New York Yankees fan as well, so this blog appealed to me. Sometimes, baseball can be boring and seem generic. His blog theme gives it a more amateur, more real feel to his take on the NY Yankees baseball team. His video was really riveting and I thought he did a good job putting together music and clips to get the audience excited about the beginning of baseball season.


My Creative Process for my Midterm Blog

April 7, 2013

The creative process I went through while creating this midterm blog was an idea I’ve had for a long time that I wanted to see how it would manifest itself in the form of a blog. Although it is a little rough and choppy, I strongly believe in the idea of simple and organic cooking. My concept, Simple Kitchen, appeals to those who enjoy simple meals. This blog I have created will help me both personally and professionally because it allows me to canvas my ideas in a way that will appeal to persons who enjoy simplicity. A recipe like bruschetta, for example, is the epitome of just how good simple tomato, olive oil, sea salt, and basil on a toasted baguette can be. I found the video I used on Vimeo because I thought it was excellent. It was exactly what I was looking for so I tried my best to edit it in a way that would keep its originality. I also included a voice over, to get viewers to identify my voice with the blog so that they come back for the next entry. In regards to the layout, I wanted it to be simple and clean. No dark colors or anything to extravagant, just simple base colors and my header. I knew that I wanted my header to look like the way it is because again, I am striving for simplicity. People remember simple things, not complicated ones. Also, the picture I edited using Pixlr was a way of making sure the viewer knows that this blog isn’t about serious cooking, its about keeping it light and cooking simple recipes using the best, freshest ingredients.


Creating A Video Using iMovie

March 8, 2013

I chose to combine a video that I found on Vimeo from the summer of 2006 in Rome when the Italian International soccer team won the World Cup. I chose this clip because it reminded me of when I was in Italy witnessing Italy winning the World Cup in 2006. Although I was not in Rome, it didn’t matter because everyone was still going wild in the streets. It was a great experience and I am lucky to have been there at tht moment in time. Based on the celebratory manor of all the people in the video, I chose “We Are the Champions” by Queen to introduce and conclude the video I made. I also chose an animated GIF of the Italian Flag waving as the introductory title card. My experience with iMovie was not too difficult. I have used iMovie before and something I had trouble with was figuring out how to import the downloaded movie from Vimeo into iMovie. After a few hours of trying to import all different ways and searching Google for answers, I decided simply to use Screencast-o-matic to record the part of the video I wanted in my clip. This, for some reason, was much easier to import(maybe because of the smaller size?).The only issue was that the quality of the screencast of the video was grainy and poor. But I tried to stabilize it, but it made it worse. The video quality isn’t THAT bad because you can still get the gist of what is going on. Anyway, after I figured that out and found a GIF for the beginning, I also had trouble trying to make the song fade in and fade out. It wasn’t like in Garageband where you could visually move the sound marker. I finally figured how to clip the song and actually move the audio clip to different parts of the visual clip. I am not sure if anyone else using iMovie ran into these problems, but learning from my issues will definitely give way to using iMovie more often, which will make me better at editing videos.



Using Garageband

March 1, 2013

After a lot of frustation and hours, I finally completed my audio clip on my Macbook using Garageband. I knew it was going to take me a while to get all the clips together using splice, crossfade and an intro, but it actually took me 4 hours. I watched the tutorials about 5 times each to finally get it right. I know it took me a long time because trying to replicate what the tutorial was no piece of cake. Anyway after much time spent watching and practicing  I finally got the hang of how to use this application. I chose “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean and “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z. What was difficult for me was trying to find which part of the song I was going to splice together but eventually I decided on this format: A sound clip of “Pyramids” + the music bed & my introduction + crossfade into the very beginning of “Suit & Tie” spliced with the chorus of the same song. I believe the hardest part about this assignment was splicing two parts of the same song together because according to the tutorial, you really have to use your eyes to figure out the exact moment you want to splice and then putting the two audio clips back together to make it sound natural. That took me the longest amount of time. After finishing my audio clip, I am actually pretty impressed with myself, especially the two moments I chose to crossfade after my introduction. I think it sounds good, but now that I have experience really getting into the Garageband program, my next audio clip will be outstanding. Not only can this be used in a Podcast, but it can also be used in presentations in the professional world. I definitely enjoyed using it for fun.